3D Laser Profilers

Serie F


Product Features
◆3D Laser Profiler It uses Gigabit Etherent interface up to cable length of 100 meters. It works independently without any external controller to facilitate easier system integration.
High-speed CMOS sensor with high dynamic range is equipped to adapt to the target objects of different materials and colors.The ultra-high scanning speed can be achieved by compressing the field of vision.
It reconstructs contour information with the help of self-adaptive high power blue laser module consisting of 3200 effective pixels.
The detection accuracy is greatly improved by factory calibration. It is also possible to further calibrate the devide during installation to improve the accuracy.
The visual process of Smart3 vision software.Graphically created programs. So,users can complete visual applications to achieve short implementation cycle for the project without much knowledge about programming languages.

Conform to GigE Vision V2.0 protocol and GenlCam standard.
Compliant with EMC,RoHS certifications.

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