3D Laser Profilers

Series B


Product Features
High Accuracy
Up to 3200 pixels on the horizontal direction of the X axis, which can accurately detect the subtle changes in the surface contour of the product. 
High Speed
The sampling speed is up to 67000 profiles/sec,which makes it easy to realize online high-speed flying shooting full inspection.
Applying to Various Materials
High dynamic range CMOS high-speed tuning of laser power and gain,stably adapting to different materials and different colors of targets. 
Free Choice of 2D/3D
2D mode: Using machine's built-in 2D standard measurement tools. and the measurement results showing OK/NG;communicating with the PLC or IPC to realize automatic detection and reduce manpower input.
3D mode: By scanning objects and using SDK to obtain the global 3D point cloud data, the height image and grayscale image can be output simultaneously,and the altitude difference can be visually displayed using colon rendering.
Various Specifications
13 kinds of sensors with different specifications can flexibly meet the different budget, FOV & accuracy requirement.
System & Software
Avariety of SDK interfaces such as VB C# C++ etc. are available in this product.Besidesit supports OPTs SciSmart intelligent software, easy to use without programming.
The SCI visual process design can help achieve a very short project implementation cycle and non-programmers can also complete the visual application effortlessly by graphical programming.
Flexible Service
Based on customer demands, OPT can supply hardware. or hardware & software servicesor ODM services.

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