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OPT Expands the Product Lines of OPT Industrial PCs with Further Product Launches

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Release time:2022-12-22 Source :

Recently, OPT launched new industrial PCs that expand the company's product portfolio. This enables more comprehensive vision solutions and services for the digital transformation of manufacturing industries.

OPT offers two series of industrial PCs: 3U desktop and 4U rackmount. Different types of motherboards and CPUs can be selected according to the actual application requirements. They are compatible with operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

Industrial PCs by OPT

Multicore and Multithreading Mode for Efficient Operation

The industrial PC is the heart of industrial machine vision and thus the carrier of the software algorithms as well as the bridge of the information flow. With the changes in industrial digitalization, more and more industries are placing higher demands on the computing power and bandwidth of the industrial PC system.

OPT's industrial PC use dual-channel memory technology, which doubles memory bandwidth speed and improves data access performance. The highest PCIe 4.0 interface is used so that transfer speeds of up to 31.5 GB/s can be achieved. The entire series of industrial PCs is equipped with multicore and multithreaded processors, which significantly improves the performance of data processing.

Taking the inspection of electrode sheets of lithium batteries as an example, OPT's industrial PC can drive multiple cameras simultaneously to take images at the same time and then quickly transfer the captured images data information to the machine vision software. At the same time, it provides strong computing power support to run the software and analyze the image information, which ensures rapid evaluation of the results. This helps to control the equipment to take appropriate measures quickly and with high inspection effectiveness.

Triple Protections for Data Security

With the accelerated digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, industrial PCs are also facing new network security issues. OPT has developed a triple protection for industrial PCs by encrypting the information with multiple layers of security.

Firstly, the industrial PC has an integrated TPM interface that can be used to encrypt the data processed by the CPU and monitor the status of the lower system level. In addition, the login system, directories and network communication, etc. can be encrypted. Functions such as identity authentication and key storage can be set to encrypt data quickly.

Secondly, the industrial PC uses a special system recovery system that enables one-button recovery through BIOS optimization. This helps to avoid the loss of system data, solve the system recovery problem and quickly get back into production.

Thirdly, the industrial PC has a built-in USB encryption lock, which can be combined with the software to realize encryption and improve the active anti-decryption capability. It prevents the system from being attacked by hackers and data from being stolen.

In addition, the industrial PC also offers the option of equipping the housing with a lock to prevent unauthorized access, so that data are protected against damage and loss.

Standard Validation Testing with Stable and Reliable Performance

From the motherboard to the supporting frame, all components have been carefully designed by OPT after years of experience in the machine vision industry. After passing the temperature and humidity chamber, drop test, vibration test, high and low temperature operation, compatibility test, etc., it is guaranteed that the industrial PC can run stably in demanding industrial environments.

The industrial PCs of the OPT series are equipped with a complete steel enclosure that complies with the "EIA" standard and has a high level of protection against electromagnetic disturbances and shocks. The power supply has over-voltage and over-current protection to prevent excessive voltage or current from damaging the equipment, ensuring that the computer's performance is always guaranteed.

The internal structure of the OPT industrial PC consists of an industrial-grade motherboard and an enterprise-level vertical hard disk, which improves noise immunity and enables uninterrupted operation for a long time. It has a built-in 255-level programmable timer that monitors the system's operating status in real time. The user can change the monitoring interval time independently and write conditional instructions. It can also handle anomalies such as software freezing automatically to ensure normal production.

Customized Product Adaptation with High Integration

With the increasing importance of intelligent manufacturing, the application possibilities of industrial PCs are also becoming more diverse. Therefore, the trend towards customization and highly automation is becoming increasingly important, as market demand can no longer be satisfied by individual products.

The new industrial PC can be configured according to customer requirements. It is modular in design and has several expansion slots and interfaces. This product is compatible with various hardware, software and end devices for machine vision, such as lighting controllers, drive controllers, etc. It also supports upgrade requirements for Windows and Linux systems.

Industrial PCs by OPT

OPT has comprehensive core products for machine vision, including Smart3 machine vision software, SciDeepVision deep learning software, industrial cameras, 3D laser profilers, smart code readers, camera lenses, illuminators, and so on. With the current industrial PC as the hub of the machine vision software and hardware, linking all the product series together, high integration density and optimal parameter configuration can be achieved. This ensures that each of the vision products performs at its best.

Application Example of the OPT Industrial PC in Machine Vision