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Application of Smart3 Machine Vision Software

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OPT has held a webinar regarding machine vision technology on 21 October. The webinar was mainly discussing about the Smart3 software and went deeper into the application and usage of visual programming and user interface customization of this machine vision software. The topic was shared by Mr. He Shilong, the technical director of OPT.

In future, OPT will continue to hold more seminars or webinars related to “The Role of Machine Vision in Smart Manufacturing”.

Integration of Various Algorithms to Meet the Needs of Different Machine Vision Applications

OPT Smart3 software improves continuously by learning through the application of machine vision software in multiple industries. It integrates the algorithms such as 2D, 3D, Deep Learning, etc. with comprehensive functions that covers the positioning in assembly line, product measurement, quality inspection, barcode reading, etc. In addition, it supports various industrial cameras and GeniCam standard protocols such as high-resolution line scan cameras or area scan cameras to meet the needs of different machine vision applications.


Smart3 Machine Vision Software

 Machine vision software acts as a “brain” of the machines. As the manufacturing industry increases the production rate, correspondingly higher requirements to the speed at which the “brain” could process the images and analyze them.

Performance for Hardware Acceleration of TBB, AVX, SSE and GPU
Smart3 software uses hardware acceleration technology to improve the system processing efficiency. Image processing and analysis are significantly accelerated, with millisecond-level response and stable operation. On this basis, Smart3 has carried out new optimized design in the project deployment stage and user application, making it more efficient.

Visual Programming for Efficient Software Application

Smart3 is a more efficient machine vision software. One of the most prominent advantages is that it adopts visual programming design instead of the traditional method of using complicated codes and abstract process flow. The flow chart can be easily deployed by adding Operator blocks, Goto blocks, Thread blocks and Switch blocks, which greatly shortens the project development cycle and quickly respond to user needs.

Added Goto Block, Thread Block and Switch Block

One of the block functions in Smart3, Condition Switch, can distinguish different work instructions and execute the corresponding inspection process. When using the Thread Block, it can execute multiples tasks at the same time to meet different inspection requirements.

For example, when carrying out positioning analysis of the mobile phone screen, it requires multiple cameras to capture the four corners of mobile phone screen concurrently within a single workstation; or another example of using a single camera to fulfill the requirements of two different workstations to find the circles and read codes respectively. In both situations, Smart3 software can quickly respond and execute the processes, which compatible to various inspection requirements. No matter it is a single camera for multi-station, multiple cameras for multi-station or multiple cameras for single station, all could be done simply by adding the block functions and complete the flow chart.
Interface of Customized Parameter Settings

In addition, Smart3 also supports sub-flow design, which can be triggered by events and run independently from the main flow process, providing a more intuitive and concise flow chart for multi-station inspections with high readability of the program. At the same time, the sub-flow supports import and copy/paste blocks, which fasten the verification of cycle time during process development stage and ease the users with better inspection solutions. 

UI Customization, A User-Centered Design

The interactive design of Smart3 is user friendly. The customization of user interface (UI) and Script functions support the user-defined running interface, which can quickly adjust the block functions and better match the user’s preferences and habits. This would reduce learning cost and fix the problem of non-user friendly in traditional software interface.
Duplication of UI Interface Design at Ease 

In the process of customizing the interface, a variety of widgets and buttons with different functions are available. The rich interface elements can be easily dragged and dropped freely, which are easy and convenient for users to quickly complete the customization of the running interface. The inspection results can be clear at a glance and users can obtain all the required inspection information at ease.

Different Ways to Display Data

Smart3 software uses Cpk and can intuitively display data such as product qualification rate and production status. Smart3 can also set the access permissions and configure different user roles to ensure the security of the program.

Access Permission for Different Job Levels