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Control 2024

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Product expansion to support customers in the realization of intelligent manufacturing upgrades

In 2024, OPT sets the goal of developing a central technology platform that operates in parallel with visual and motion solutions. This platform aims to offer customers a variety of solutions and comprehensive software and hardware products to enable intelligent manufacturing upgrades.

Vision software DeepVision 3 overcomes traditional barriers such as long implementation cycles, high entry barriers, high costs, and limited adaptability that have burdened AI projects. Instead, it redefines the game in three key dimensions: efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

OPT has seamlessly integrated its Smart Code Reader into various process steps, such as the production of silicon wafers, cutting, cell manufacturing, and module assembly. This enables seamless information traceability throughout the entire process. As an example in the field of photovoltaic module production, OPT's Smart Code Reader successfully addresses challenges in reading barcodes during processes like film lamination, heat pressing, and laminating.

Furthermore, OPT currently offers two different series of industrial PCs: the 3U Desktop and the 4U Rackmount. These versatile systems provide the flexibility to choose various types of motherboards and CPUs tailored to specific requirements and are fully compatible with operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

As another novelty, OPT presents the measurement sensors SmartAxis and SmartFlash as a brand-new product series.