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OPT Machine Vision was awarded "National-Level Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Enterprise"

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Recently, the list for the eighth batch of National Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Enterprises was released. OPT Machine Vision Tech Co., LTD. was successfully selected. A Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Enterprise refers to a company that focuses long-term on certain specific segments of the manufacturing market, with internationally leading production technology or processes, and a market share of single products ranking among the top three globally.

According to research report from Fuji Keizai Group of Japan, from 2020 to 2022, among the top 20 global machine vision lighting companies, OPT secured the second spot globally with market shares of 13.45%, 16.01%, and 20.53% respectively, leading the domestic chinese market for three consecutive years. Furthermore, OPT has achieved domestic leadership and international advanced levels in terms of the luminance, uniformity, and stability of machine vision lighting.

Since its establishment, OPT has insisted on independent R&D and innovation. Relying on continuous investment in R&D talent, as well as hardware resources such as machine vision laboratories, scientific research platforms, and smart factories, OPT has expanded its products to the fields of machine vision, sensors, and motion platforms. Currently, OPT's machine vision covers both software and hardware products comprehensively.

As a core component supplier for automation, OPT has long focused on the R&D, production, and sales of machine vision products and integrated solutions. With its strong R&D capabilities, professional quality management, and comprehensive industry solutions, OPT has gained cooperation and trust from more than 15,000 customers worldwide. This award represents the support and recognition from government departments for OPT and is a testament to OPT's commitment to market and customer orientation, as well as to product and technology innovation.

Conquering Multiple Key Technologies, Leading the Industry 

OPT owns the most comprehensive machine vision laboratory in China, conducting illumination tests for different industries and customers and developing optimized lighting technology.

In terms of lighting, OPT has made breakthroughs in precision optical design, efficient condensing design, brightness auto-calibration, multispectral zone programmable control, and more. It has developed solutions for optical path optimization under complex lighting conditions such as reflection, aliasing, and occlusion, meticulously developing backlight technology without shadows and fine projection technology, achieving an all-around consideration of brightness, uniformity, and stability of the lightings.

While in terms of light controllers, OPT has overcome technologies such as automatic detection of current, programmable triggering, adaptive voltage, Overdrive, clamp high-speed driving circuits, and high-speed timing control, successfully breaking the boundaries of itsself.

Additionally, many of OPT's innovative technologies have reached industry-leading levels, such as high-intensity high-uniformity lighting technology, high-performance complex lighting technology, high-speed stable triggering technology, and large current high-precision constant current technology.

Nearly a Thousand Standard Products, Comprehensive Range 

While tackling industry challenges, OPT has also expanded its development of multiple categories of lighting based on market and customer needs. To date, OPT has 44 major series of machine vision lighting and nearly 1,000 modular products, capable of providing over 30,000 customized solutions.

To ensure the stability and consistency of the finished lighting products, OPT fully integrates machine vision inspection technology with smart factory construction experience, setting up inspection processes at key stages of the entire production process, including component selection, semi-finished product aging, and finished product testing.

For example the selection of LED beads, OPT has established 72 grading standards to ensure consistency in lighting brightness. During the assembly process, numerous tests are conducted, including high and low angle adjustments, 72-hour aging, response time, and waterproof testing, etc. Finally, appearance inspection and lighting confirmation are performed to ensure a 100% pass rate. Only then is the production process of the entire product considered complete.

Deep Understanding of Customer Industries for Ultimate Service 

Beyond superior products, the ultimate service is also key to OPT's market recognition. OPT has always adhered to a customer-centric service philosophy, offering customized services and providing free optical imaging solutions.

In 2023, OPT provided technical services more than 39,000 times and offered 22,900 optical imaging solutions, covering nearly a hundred industries including lithium batteries, 3C electronics, semiconductors, and photovoltaics. OPT delves deeply into the needs and challenges of various aspects of customers' manufacturing processes, providing professional customized solutions. OPT also offers fast-response on-site technical support, with more than 30 service points worldwide. Customized products can be shipped in 10 working days, achieving rapid response to customer needs.

In the future, OPT will remain true to its original aspiration, continuing to focus on the field of core components for automation, driving the market and serving customers with excellent technology.