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Cobra Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Product Features:
◆Compact design
Ø29 mm diameter compatible with camera size; lens total length less than 42 mm[1]
◆High resolution
Compatible with cameras which pixel size ≥2.2 μm and max. 1/1.8″(Ø9 mm)[2] sensor;
resolution up to 230 lp/mm in full FOV
◆Wide spectrum range
400-1000 nm optical coating spectrum; compatible with VIS and NIR 
◆Low distortion
TV distortion <0.2%
◆High Relative Illumination
Chief ray angle <5°; matching with cameras enables to realize high evenness image.
[1] OPT-COB5028 lens total length <62 mm
[2] The sensor size of applicable cameras to OPT-COB2528, OPT-COB3528, and OPT-COB5028B is up to 2/3" (Ø11 mm)

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  • Cobra系列定焦镜头
  • Cobra系列定焦镜头
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