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High Power Digital Current Controller (OPT-DPA6024EC-2)

Product introduction

◆ Compact size
◆ 22 - 26V DC input voltage; convenient to use DC power on other devices
◆ AutosenseTM technology
◆ Overdrive® technology. Insert a light source with a rated voltage of 5-24V, 
   the controller output voltage will automatically match with the light source voltage.
◆ Provide brightness increment function. Brightness increment current can be set, 
   maximum output up to 20A, and the brightness increment voltage controller   can identify automatically.
◆ Programmable trigger: Maximum of 64 programmable steps and intensity, 
   pulse width and trigger source can be defined in each step.
◆ Provide trigger output duty cycle setting function. This function can effectively 
   protect the light source during brightness increment and strobe.
◆ ≤ 10μs trigger response time
◆ Up to 40KHz trigger response frequency
◆ Trigger pulse width 1μs~30s can be set
◆ RS232 interface
◆ 100Mb Ethernet interface
◆ Provide software trigger function
◆ Achieve online upgrade function of the whole device
◆ Temperature-controlled fan function
◆ Convenient mounting with screws or on DIN rails


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