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New Product Release | OPT launched 10GigE and CXP Area Scan Cameras

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Release time:22.05.2024 Source :

Based on 10GigE and CXP interface technologies, OPT has launched new series of 10GigE and CXP area scan cameras. These cameras feature larger sensor sizes and integrate ISP image preprocessing algorithms within the FPGA chip, providing both high resolution and efficient transmission. They meet the demands for higher precision and speed in visual inspection.

Supports Image Preprocessing Functionality: Superior Imaging

The two new series of area scan cameras from OPT include a total of 8 models, further enriching the product line with options in both the 10GigE and CXP series.

Both series are equipped with high-performance image sensors, with the largest sensor diagonal size reaching 37.4mm. These sensors offer high sensitivity, high dynamic range, and low noise characteristics, allowing for a large field of view and capturing more image details. This results in superior image quality and higher accuracy in visual inspections.

The area scan cameras also feature ISP image preprocessing algorithms embedded in the FPGA chip, supporting functions such as automatic gain, automatic exposure, sharpening, noise reduction, brightness and contrast adjustment, gamma correction, black level correction, and LUT. These functions process and optimize raw image signals to improve image quality, significantly reducing the difficulty of image analysis by vision software.

Additionally, the cameras support Binning technology, which combines multiple pixels into one, enhancing frame rates and light sensitivity without changing the field of view. This ensures high-quality images even under low light and insufficient exposure conditions.

10GigE/CXP Interface as Options: More Efficient Image Transmission

While ensuring high resolution, OPT´s new area scan cameras also guarantee high frame rate capture, making them suitable for high-speed inspection scenarios.

The 10GigE area scan cameras theoretically support long-distance transmission up to 100 meters and offer 10Gbps bandwidth, making transmission more efficient and meeting the needs for ultra-high frame rate image capture. Additionally, they do not require an image capture card, effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The CXP area scan cameras utilize a high-speed point-to-point serial communication digital interface standard, capable of transmitting large amounts of data with ultra-high bandwidth and low latency. The bandwidth can reach up to 20Gbps, and the cameras can compress image data losslessly, reducing CPU load and ensuring more stable transmission.

For example, in the photovoltaic industry, the size of silicon wafers is gradually increasing, from 156mm to 210mm, and even larger sizes may appear. Consequently, the demand for high-resolution cameras is also increasing. OPT's high-speed area scan cameras not only meet the need for larger field-of-view inspections but also achieve high frame rate and high-definition image capture.