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Image Enhancement Technology: OPT New Series Smart Code Reader - designed for Precise Decoding

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Release time:2024-01-10 Source :

Recently, OPT launched the new F1 series of smart code reader, further enriching and improving the code reader product line to meet different decoding needs. The F1 series utilizes image enhancement technology, deep learning algorithm models, and can automatically switch lighting colors according to the application scenario to achieve precise decoding. It supports one-click tuning, automatically achieving the best parameter configuration, and can intuitively display device status, decoding results, etc. through the built-in OLED display, greatly improving the convenience of decoding.

Image Enhancement Technology & Deep Learning Algorithm

More accurate and efficient decoding

Smart code reader F1 series is divided into wired and wireless categories. Both are equipped with a large depth-of-field lens and a million-resolution image sensor, making decoding more flexible and convenient, such as reading warehouse shelf labels, tracing and managing reworked products, etc.

Smart code reader F1 series is equipped with a high-performance processor that supports image enhancement capabilities. It primarily achieves this by applying algorithms such as black level correction, lens shadow correction, noise reduction to process the signals output by the front-end image sensor, thereby comprehensively improving the image quality.

For example, black level correction helps reduce the impact of dark current on the image signal, ensuring that the output image is more accurate. Noise reduction algorithms reduce noise interference and enhance image contrast. Lens shadow correction calculates brightness correction values for each pixel, compensating for the brightness attenuation around the image, which can make the brightness around the image consistent with the center brightness, promoting stable decoding.

In addition, the smart code reader F1 series come with a built-in independent NPU (Neural Processing Unit) with powerful computational capabilities. This NPU can run deep learning algorithm models and automatically learn advanced semantic feature information of target codes, enabling rapid code point positioning. This significantly enhances the ability to read complex barcodes, making it easy to decode various types of barcodes, including those that are dirty, deformed, or blurry, resulting in more efficient decoding.

Multi-Functional Lighting System

Highlighting Target Code Feature Information

In order to address various barcode processes or on-site decoding environments, barcode readers typically require different lighting colors to enhance the contrast between the target code and the background image, ultimately achieving precise decoding.

Smart code reader F1 series integrates a multifunctional lighting system with independently controllable multi-channel light sources. It can automatically switch to the appropriate lighting color based on the barcode process and on-site environment. This results in clearer captured images, significantly reducing the processing complexity of image algorithms and improving decoding accuracy. It can stably read various types of codes such as laser-etched codes and inkjet codes.

Furthermore, the smart code reader F1 series is equipped with polarizing filters, which allow specific directions of light to pass through, transforming scattered and chaotic light into parallel rays, thereby eliminating glare interference. Additionally, diffusers are used to enhance the uniformity of light, making the image appear softer and clearer.

For instance, when reading DPM (Direct Part Marking) codes on lithium battery cover plates, the smart code Reader F1 series will automatically switch to red light illumination. It utilizes laser aiming to enhance barcode positioning accuracy, eliminate metal glare, and maintain stable decoding even in environments with varying levels of brightness.

One-Click Tuning

Easily Achieve Optimal Parameter Configuration

The smart code reader F1 series supports a one-click tuning feature, which automatically sets the appropriate parameters using image evaluation algorithms. Additionally, with the built-in OLED display screen, the device can intuitively display the equipment's tuning process without the need for a computer connection. Users can simply press the handheld barcode reader's function button to easily complete the optimal settings for focusing, exposure, gain, gamma, and lighting, among other parameters. This simplifies parameter configuration in industrial settings, resulting in more precise and convenient barcode reading.

For various decoding scenarios, the smart code reader F1 series can directly switch parameter schemes. The OLED display screen can also show device status, parameter scheme switching, and decoding results. Furthermore, its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling with a handle that fits well in the hand.

Additionally, the smart code Reader F1 series supports WiFi long-distance transmission for faster data transfer. It also features multiple decoding indicators such as a buzzer, vibration, and indicator lights to provide various feedback signals during the decoding process.