SCI Machine Vision System

Code Readers

Product introduction

Product Features:
K1 Series
◆Use high-sensitivity sensor to fulfill excellent image quality with high scanning rate. 
◆Support different IO interfaces and input &output at complex situations.
◆Built-in deep learning algorithm elevates the efficiency in reading all kinds of 1D and 2D codes. 
◆ The integrated light source on the codereader can be controlled independently.
◆Support TCP/IP,Serial,FTP,HTTP,and other common communication protocols.
◆The autofocusing lens can automatically perform the focusing which ease the adjustment process.

H1 Series
◆Deep learning algorithm reliably read all kinds of 1Dand 2D codes without being interfered by dirt or code damage.
◆Support different IO interfaces and input & output at complex situations.
◆The codereader has multiple groups of status indicators to realize multi-angle display ofrealtime status.
◆Support TCP,Serial,FTP,Profinet and other common communication protocols.

G1 Series
◆0.4MP pixel image sensor.
◆Able to read complex code such as DPM code and tiny code.
◆ Support high-speed decoding,up to 60 FPS.
◆Compact-sized and full industrial-grade protection.
◆Easy to setup.

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