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Liquid lens focusing technology | efficient decoding of OPT smart code reader

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The OPT smart code reader boasts higher reading efficiency in addition to accurate reading. It also features fast focusing at different working distances due to the liquid lens focusing technology, and efficient decoding through the multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing and three-level stream software.

Liquid lens focusing technology for fast and clear imaging

The OPT smart code reader is divided into liquid focusing and mechanical focusing types, with built-in focusing and decoding algorithms. It supports one-key tuning. Its parameters such as the focus, exposure, gain, gamma and light source can be adjusted and debugged fast by one key through the software, so as to adapt to various code reading scenarios more efficiently.

The liquid lens is similar to the crystalline lens of a human eye. The curvature of the crystalline lens of a human eye is adjusted by stretching the ciliary muscle, leading to changes in the focal length of the crystalline lens. In the liquid lens, optical fluid is covered by an elastic polymer film, and the curvature is adjusted in a current-driven manner for fast focusing and millisecond-level response.

OPT liquid lens

As a solution to code reading problems at different working distances, the liquid lens is capable of reducing the time of movement and debugging and accurately acquiring clear images, thus providing a sound basic condition for efficient decoding.

Barcodes at different heights are often read in auto parts, logistics, transportation and other fields. The OPT smart code reader boasts automatic focusing and automatic adjustment of parameters such as the exposure and gain based on the working speeds of production lines. In particular, the smart code reader with the liquid lens focusing technology is capable of quickly changing the focus location, acquiring clear images, and reading barcodes at different working distances at high speeds through the decoding algorithm.

Multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing for efficient decoding

The OPT smart code reader is equipped with the multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing mode and three-level stream software for parallel running of the ISP, NPU and CPU. That is, no waiting time is involved in the whole process from photo acquisition and image preprocessing to efficient decoding.

Furthermore, the smart code reader has a function of multi-core and multi-thread data processing, so its decoding rate is up to 95 codes per second. With the deep learning algorithm, the smart code reader is capable of automatically distinguishing barcode components, characters and exceptions, to greatly reduce the barcode processing time.

For instance, barcodes of medicine bottles on trays should be read simultaneously. This has high requirements for both the field of view and reading speed, which largely depends on the data processing performance of the code reader. The OPT smart code reader is suitable for batch reading and fast decoding of barcodes.

To read the barcodes moving at high speeds, the OPT smart code reader is equipped with a global shutter Sensor, with a capture frame rate up to 60fps. It supports fast image acquisition and efficient decoding, and can be widely applied in lithium batteries, 3C electronics, PV, food packaging and other fields.