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ITES 2024

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Empowering New Productive Forces | OPT Machine Vision & Transmission Products Dazzle at ITES

On March 28th, the eagerly anticipated ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition opened, lasting for four days. OPT made a stunning appearance with its 3D vision, smart code reading, through-beam/one-click measurement, and transmission technologies. Its showcased diverse solutions attracted audiences from all over to visit and inquire, resulting in a bustling scene.

At this exhibition, OPT, aiming for a "more professional, more meticulous, and more efficient" approach, not only continuously polished and upgraded its vision technology but also debuted cutting-edge products in the transmission field for the first time. The goal was to provide an integrated intelligent solution in conjunction with vision products, further empowering new productive forces in the industry.

3D Glue Road Detection, Algorithm Fully Upgraded 

To further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of irregular glue path detection, OPT upgraded its 3D algorithm based on various gluing processes, accommodating multiple detection needs such as broken glue, collapsed glue, missing glue, glue width, and glue height.

The showcased solution not only perfectly addressed the issue of difficult focus on the edges of irregular glue paths, with strong background interference resistance, but also optimized edge point polarity and edge category recognition, allowing for direct output of judgment results.

Moreover, utilizing three-dimensional image differentiation and orthogonal polynomial data approximation principles, OPT can quickly extract glue path information, significantly improving detection efficiency.

Grade Verification Dynamic Code Reading, High Speed, High Reading Rate 

The smart code reading solution showcased by OPT at the exhibition, specially designed, can grade the quality of barcodes while reading them quickly.

Using built-in deep learning algorithms, OPT's smart code readers can automatically learn advanced semantic features, achieving high reading rates without being easily affected by printing processes and surface materials.

The smart code reader can also output real-time grade results based on curve parameters such as small edge contrast, decoding, bar-space contrast, and defect degree obtained from QR code detection, promptly feedback on the quality of the coding.

Through-Beam & One-Click Measurement Technology, Faster, More Accurate, & Easier 

For 2D dimension measurement, OPT newly introduced the SmartAxis series through-beam sensors suitable for online intelligent measurement. Combining telecentric imaging and smart image analysis algorithms, these sensors feature a compact body structure that is not limited by narrow installation spaces; with 15µs ultra-fast exposure time and 30mm super large depth of field design, they can accurately measure even if the product moves at high speed or shifts position.

The one-click measurement sensor-SmartFlash, holds advantages in batch measurement of complex products. It images in dual views simultaneously, offers various lighting modes and fast image stitching functions, and is equipped with a high-precision motion platform to ensure positioning accuracy and measurement speed.

The software configured with these two series of sensors is powerful, enabling one-click measurement without the need for programming by importing CAD drawings, making operations simple and easy to learn. It achieves high precision detection using sub-pixel edge extraction and filtering algorithms.

Three Major Transmission Solutions, High Dynamic Response 

Beyond machine vision technology, OPT also showcased high-speed sorting platforms, ultra-high-speed carbon fiber linear motors, and three-dimensional scanning platforms.

The high-speed sorting platform operates with a DD motor's high-speed rotation and a voice coil Z axis for picking and placing, reaching up to 240 times per minute, with a combined response time of <5ms, widely applicable to precision production assembly and high-speed sorting.

The ultra-high-speed carbon fiber linear motor, combined with an air cooling device, achieves up to 18G acceleration, offering lighter overall weight and longer lifespan; the three-dimensional scanning platform, with its quick-response direct-drive motor and high precision, achieves high-precision synchronous tracking effects, with a repeatability accuracy of ±0.3μm.

Furthermore, OPT displayed over a hundred hardware products, including industrial cameras, lenses, and DD motors, fully demonstrating its diversified and professional product lineup, paving new possibilities for more complex industrial applications. For more product details, please visit our official website.